Love Notes & Camp Care Packages (with free printable)

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My daughter recently joined her high school dance team, so she wanted to try my old dance team uniform on for fun. I dug out a large Rubbermaid container, where I had stored the mementos of my school days and found it for her.  The uniform fit perfectly.  It was like I had stepped into a time machine and was looking at myself, twenty some years ago.  Surreal.

The time machine opened, I began digging through the contents, enjoying the nostalgia.  Dried corsages, pom poms, and notes were spread everywhere.  The notes were written on lined notebook paper, folded into the “football” shape that any kid from the pre-texting era knows well.  They were folded that way because we often flicked them across classrooms at each other.  Most of the notes were from Derek (my now husband, then my high school sweetheart).  There were also quite a few notes from Sarah, my best friend.  They’re hilarious.  They’re sweet.  They’re a portal to our teen-aged selves, and they’re a treasure, as ridiculous as most of them are. 

I remembered that happy feeling, of opening my locker between classes, to find one of those notes stuffed through the vented door.  Love notes.  Someone was thinking of me.


My Dad was also a note writer.  In that same box, I also found the goodbye letter that my Dad slid under my door the night before I left home for the first time, to be a nanny in Texas.  I don't think I ever acknowledged that letter when I got it.  I would have been embarrassed.  But I kept it.  

Just then, I felt kind of sad for my daughter, knowing that these kind of notes have been replaced with texting, and she might not get to open a box of high school mementos in twenty years and find a stash of her own love notes. 

I’m still a note writer, but now, it’s usually via text.  I love sending short little messages of encouragement to my loves.  When my daughter went to summer camp for the first time, a few years ago, she wasn’t allowed to bring a phone- and it wouldn’t have worked anyway.  So I took five large manila envelopes and labeled them for each day she would be gone, including a love note and a small gift (candy, chapstick, etc.). 

I did the same thing for my son when he went to camp.  Other than Birthday cards, those camp notes might be the only non-digital love notes they have from me.  Opening that box of high school mementos, I realized that I might want to be more intentional about writing notes to my loves, with pen and paper, at least every once in a while.


Years ago, I designed some cute printable stationary- some blank notes, and some inspirational quotes/labels for those care packages that I sent with my daughter to camp.  I made them available on my old blog and they became my most pinned item on Pinterest.  I still see that pin on there, even though the old blog is gone and the link doesn’t work.  So I decided to make them available again.  If you want the printable, you can download it in the Library (along with other free resources) with a subscriber sign-up. 

Of course, you you can adapt the camp care package idea and the printable notes to any number of things.  The idea is simply to let a loved one know someone's thinking of them. 

Perhaps, you, like me, are wanting to be more intentional about writing notes to your loved ones, real pen and paper notes that they can tuck away and keep.  Do it!  

Did you ever pass notes in school?  Did you get caught?  I did, a few times. ; ) No matter, you don't need to be in school for note passing to still be fun.  It's a small thing, but it can bring a big smile to someone's face. 


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