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2 Important Reasons You Need the Power of the Holy Spirit

I’ve sent up more than a few frantic, “help!” prayers in my lifetime.  There have been times when I just didn’t know what to say how to pray.  There have also been times when I’ve prayed those quick prayers and experienced what I can only describe as a supernatural power shortly afterwards.  My faith has been strengthened from these events and I want to give full credit to where that power came from: the Holy Spirit.

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How Jesus is the Perfect Prophet, Priest, and King

Think about the last team you were a part of maybe it was a sports team.  You shared a common goal or purpose with other people.   If you had an effective team then you, undoubtedly, also had good leadership.

My high school dance team had a goal: win state.  It was as simple as that. 

The work that went towards accomplishing that goal was anything but simple. Thousands of smaller goals had to be met first.  It was a journey that spanned the course of a year and there were many distractions and hurdles along the way. 

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Was it Necessary for Christ to Die?

I closed my eyes throughout most of the movie.  Is it over yet?  I kept thinking.  Why?  This is too awful!  Why did he have to suffer so much?  


Jesus’s death, as portrayed in The Passion of the Christ, had my mind going to uncomfortable places, confronting me with a reality that hurt.  It was only a movie, but what Christ did for me, and for you, was illustrated so vividly, that even from the comfort of dark theater, it was almost more than I could handle.   

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7 Important Reasons Jesus Chose to Come to Earth

I remember it like it was yesterday.  

Our phone conversation was brief but poignant. I shared the horrific details of my situation through tears.  

All she said was, “I’ll be over soon.” 

In my moment of deepest need and greatest hurt, my friend came to me. She left what she was doing and made her way to my house to comfort and encourage me. I had nothing to offer her, nothing to give, and little to say. 

But, she showed up – just when I needed her the most. (And, she brought flowers!) 

Similarly, when we were in our place of greatest need, Jesus stepped out of heaven and came down to earth for us. We had nothing to offer, nothing to give, and little to say.  

But Jesus showed up – just when we needed Him the most. (And, He brought hope!) 

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