Grace and Truth Link Up: A Simple Gift for Better Relationships

Listening is a gift we can give every day, and if we do it well, it brings life to our relationships. Don’t you love that feeling of being understood when someone leans in and listens to you? We feel valued when someone seeks to understand us, and we have a hard time developing rapport with people who constantly jump in to interrupt or share their thoughts too quickly.
— Betsy DeCruz, Faith Spilling Over

This week's featured post for Grace and Truth link up is all about listening.  It's by Betsy DeCruz, from Faith Spilling Over, and it's titled, When You Need a Simple Gift for Better Relationships.  

Listening (well) isn't as easy as it sounds.  Betsy shares some wise and practical advice on how to improve in this skill.  I hope you take a moment to go and say hello- and be encouraged as I was!

Thanks for sharing with us, Betsy!

And now, it's time to link up!


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