Is Talk Like That, Real?

A Story of How God Showed My Child How Prayer is Real

“Please Jesus, help me out here!”

I said the words, out loud, in a moment of frustration, as I fought to remain calm.  My son was buckled in his car seat, waiting expectantly for me to drive him to preschool.  I was scheduled to be the parent helper that day.  I sat in the driver’s seat on that cold winter morning, still parked in my driveway, turning the key in the ignition… hearing nothing but silence from the engine.

The words I said came without thinking, a reflex.  They could have, just as easily, been a whole different set of words- words I wouldn’t have wanted my preschooler to hear or repeat.  It was grace that kept me from uttering those instead.  

We would be late.  Being a punctual person, this fact alone might have been enough to cause my temper to flare up.  But I was, even more, angry- because the problem of the car not starting reliably was something that had just been “fixed” by a mechanic- at no small expense.

It was one of those crazy car issues, hard to diagnose because it only happened occasionally.  Of course, it never happened when we took it to the mechanic- but it often happened when I was supposed to be someplace…like on this day.

I was starting to take it personally.  The car seemed to have a mind of its own- and it was just trying to make me look foolish.  That day, I wanted to curse the car and kick the tires. But I prayed instead.

I prayed, out loud- and then I turned the key again.

The car started right up and we were on our way.

What happened next is the best part. 

“Mommy, is talk like that, real?”

Tears filled my eyes.  For a few moments, I had forgotten he was there.  But Trent had been watching and listening to me the whole time.  I looked back at him, humbled.

“Yes, Trent.  Talk like that is very real.”


That story happened years ago.  I tell it now, not to convey a message that God always does what we ask (I don’t think he works that way) but I tell the story because it illustrates the very real way that God, in his loving-kindness, chooses to reveal himself to us through everyday moments. 

Had it not been for that annoying, unreliable car, my son and I might have missed out that important moment.  @@God is very real- and so is prayer.@@  When we talk to him, he hears us.  He cares.  


 @@The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.@@

-Proverbs 18:10

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