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20 Popular Christian Marriage Posts- a round up

I have a marriage board on Pinterest where I collect my favorite blog posts, the ones that inspire. encourage, challenge, and make me want to be a better wife.  These 20 links that I'm sharing with you today are not only some of my favorites, but they seem to have resonated with a lot of other people, too.  You may have already seen some of these popular posts if you're on Pinterest. Now I've gathered them together in one convenient spot.  Enjoy!  

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Review- Every Wife's Choice: loving beyond the mood of the moment

Every Wife’s Choice:  Loving Beyond the Mood of the Moment, by Sarah Fairchild is a book for imperfect wives who want to have good marriages.  Sarah addresses the question of what to do when our best efforts aren’t good enough, by using a familiar passage from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 as an outline for this refreshingly honest look at love and marriage.  .

Sarah’s approach to this well known scripture passage goes beyond the clichés and gets deep, using Greek word study to better understand what God has to say about loving our spouses well. 

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