Nothing Moved But the Tide, a short story

Nothing Moved But the Tide, a short story by Dawn Klinge | historical fiction | historical romance | Seattle General Strike of 1919 | Red Scare | free short story | #historicalromance

Seattle, 1919

The first Red Scare

A young widow who has given up on love

Turmoil between the unions and the bosses

A city that comes to a complete standstill


Panic takes over as thousands of workers from every union in Seattle agree to walk off the job in a show of solidarity with the shipyard workers.

Newspapers warn of violence, looting, and food shortages.

Louise Benson is a librarian who is called upon to help Professor Reece with his research on the eve of the nations' first general strike. He’s working for the unions.

Willian Strout, Louise’s father, and a prosecuting attorney for Seattle is a man who believes the union leaders are dangerous revolutionaries. He wants his daughter to leave the city before things get out of control.

Louise wants to know more about the professor and his cause.

What consequences will she face is she decides to stay?

Nothing Moved But the Tide is a short story of fiction set during Seattle's General Strike of 1919, a real event.


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Look to Jesus: How to Let Go of Worry and Trust God, by Dawn Klinge

Trusting in the Lord with all my heart and letting go of worry is my heart's desire.   As someone who grew up in church, I've long known a lot of the “right” answers when it comes to sounding like a Christian.  The truths of the Christian faith have been in my head for a long time.  But just because something is in your head, doesn’t mean it has worked its way into your heart.  Only the Holy Spirit can do that part.  I have been learning to trust Jesus throughout my life and I’ve experienced the blessings of what happens when I do.

The truth of what it means to trust Jesus has been working its way into my heart by the grace of the Holy Spirit.  I’m still a work in progress.  Trusting in Jesus is something I want to do more of and understand more fully- so I wrote a book about it.  This book is for people like me, who want the idea of trusting God to go deeper than head knowledge, people who want to trust Jesus with all of their heart and aren’t always sure how to do that.  It's for people who know that trust is not something they can just conjure up on their own.  It’s about asking the Holy Spirit to come in and change our hearts.

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What People Are Saying:

"Engaging, Relatable & Humble -- Excellent Resource for Worrywarts" -Holly Brown, The Brown Tribe

"This Scripture-saturated book is the PERFECT first step to growing in your ability to trust God!" Alison Tiemeyer, Life of Scoop

"A Sweet Testimony with a Strong Biblical Foundation" -Elizabeth Hempton

"What a sweet, honest, and encouraging book!" -Melanie Redd, A Ministry of Hope

"What a God-honoring book!" -Christine L'Heureaux, Grace Breakthroughs

"A fabulous book of encouragement for Christians!" Horace, Pleasing to the Potter

"This is a power-packed book that will strengthen your Christian faith" -Jennifer Clark, A Divine Encounter

"Great for a week long devotion" -Starla, Pressing in and Pressing On

"Life-giving truth that is easy to read and easy to relate to!" -Katie Westenberg, I Choose Brave

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