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I'm Dawn: writer, wife, mom, businesswoman. Living a joy-filled life that's full of passion and delight, is my favorite piece of beauty advice- but a gorgeous new shade of lipstick doesn't hurt either.  

Dawn, Ponytails and Lipstick

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Ponytails and Lipstick is a free bi-monthly newsletter for the strong confident women who enjoys a little glam in her life. 



22 Tips for Ageless Beauty

22 tips and tricks for ageless beauty

Who doesn't want to have ageless beauty?

I've created a 3 page PDf document just for you that's all about ageless beauty.  It will provide you with some practical takeaways that you can immediately implement into your own life.  It's a valuable resource and provides a preview of the type of information you'll receive when you sign up for my bi-monthly newsletter, Ponytails and Lipstick.  

Ponytails and Lipstick is a brand new writing venture.  You may already know me from Above the Waves, the blog where I write regularly about what it means to trust Jesus in daily life.  I will continue to write there.  I hold that space very dear to my heart.  I'm excited to add the newsletter and its associated social media channels to what I do. I'm looking forward to sharing the part of me that enjoys a good chat with girlfriends about skincare, makeup, and fashion.  Ponytails and Lipstick will be the place for that!

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Rodan and Fields is a company that I'm proud to have recently partnered with.  It's my goal to provide sound skin care advice and opportunities for women to make the most out of their God given beauty through quality products. HERE is a link to my business site.  If you would like to receive 10% off retail prices + free shipping, contact me anytime at dawn.klinge@gmail.com