Meet Dawn


Welcome!  I'm so glad you're here.  I'm Dawn.  I live near Seattle, a place of mountains, water, lots of green, and rain.  I'm learning to trust in Jesus and I write about it here. I'm an author, wife, mom, and friend.  Faith and family are my passions.  I'm a former elementary and special ed teacher, now a full time writer (who still loves to teach).  I like the simple life:  walks along the waterfront with my husband, reading, going to the mall with my daughter, and watching my son in his various sports are among my favorite pastimes. 


I want my writing to encourage people to let go of worry, and to trust in God and his amazing grace. 

My goal is to use the medium of story, as much as possible, to illustrate Biblical truths and examples of God’s presence in daily life.

The three primary strands that are woven throughout my writing here are Jesus, trust, and grace because….

-I need Jesus.  I want, more than anything, for Jesus to be glorified through my life and my words.  I tell you about him because I want you to have the same hope and peace that I have found through a personal relationship with him.

-I write about trusting God because I’m still learning myself, how to let go of worry, fear and my desire to control everything around me.  I don’t write from a position of knowing it all.  I write as a fellow student, learning as I go, sharing both my successes and failures.

-I write about grace because I agree with Philip Yancey’s assessment, that it’s “the last best word”.  A theological word, rich in meaning, better conveyed than explained.  Grace, so perfectly conveyed in the message of the Gospel, it's the message I want to keep in front of me, and anyone who reads my words, always.


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My husband Derek and I have been married for twenty-one years.  He's a tech guy who loves to run, bike, and swim in his free time.  My son is thirteen.  He a tech guy, too, just like his Dad, and he likes to play football and he's a really fast runner on the track.  My daughter is eighteen.  She's a college student, a dental tech, and nanny.  I love my family!    There's also Genevieve.  She's a poodle.  My kids claim that she's my "favorite child".  Of course she isn't, but she is kind of perfect (except when she eats books).

I started a blog called Renaissance Mama in 2007, where I mostly wrote about my kids.  Through that, I discovered that I really love to write.  After my kids grew older, I closed down that blog, out of respect for their privacy. When I decided to start writing online again, a couple of years later, I knew I needed a topic I was both passionate about and one I would never tire of.  I've been writing online about trusting Jesus for a couple of years now.  It's a privilege and a joy to do so. 

Work with Me

Thank you for your interest in partnering with me.  I'm happy to talk about working together in the following areas:

  • freelance writing
  • advertising
  • reviews

To request a media kit and rates please email me at dawn(dot)