A Sweet Summertime Giveaway!

Gift giving has always been my way of showing love.  You, dear readers, are loved!  I know that you have many wonderful options on where to spend your limited reading time on the internet and I want you to know that I consider it a great privilege that you chose to be here.

What I'm about to giveaway is a 3-part gift package that, if I could, I'd love to be able to give to all of you.  Everything I've chosen is designed to encourage rest, hope, and peace. So how about a contest?!  

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How to Use the Scriptures to Pray

This week I have the great privilege of welcoming my friend Valerie Murray, writer at Cord of 6, here for the #SummerSizzleBlogHop. This beautiful lady has so much wisdom to share.  I have learned a great deal from her as I've been an avid reader of her blog for a couple of years now.  This essay that she is going to share with you today, on prayer, is one of my favorites!  

Protecting Our Teens {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

Pornography use is a real problem that hurts a lot of people and I’m thankful for people like Lisa who are willing to address it so thoughtfully. Her post, titled, Six Steps Parents Can Take to Protect Their Teens from Pornography, is this week's featured post here at Grace and Truth.  It's full of practical steps and useful advice.  I hope you'll check it out!

Thank you for sharing your post with us last week at Grace and Truth, Lisa.

Knowing God: The Truth About the Gospel

It’s easy in these modern times to know a lot about a person without actually knowing them.  Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, this truth stood out starkly.  I noted the many people I had only a surface level acquaintance with.  Often, I knew where they went on their last vacation, what sports their kids played, where they worked, etc.- but that’s not the same the thing as really knowing them.

Overcoming the Waves of Overwhelm

On this particular day I sit in the silence and let the wave just crash over me. If it was an actual wave it’d be enough to drown me but it’s not that type of wave.

It’s a wave of overwhelm that floods my soul.

It threatens to pull me out to the deep if I don’t find something to cling to. It wants to drag me to the place where fears overtake and hope gets washed away.

Unlikely Friendships and Unexpected Blessings

I thought I was prepared for that first winter in Seattle.  It rained all the time, of course.  I knew to expect that.  I could adapt to gray skies and rain.  I determined to make the best of it by buying everyone in my family some bright, happy colored rain boots in those first days after our big move.