Chosen on Purpose, For a Purpose {Grace and Truth Link Up}

If you are a follower of Christ, here's something to think about.  You didn't choose him.  He chose you.  The implication of that truth is deep.  It means you have a purpose.  This week's featured post for the Grace and Truth link up is by Dianne Thornton, who writes at Sweeter than Honey.  It's titled, Chosen On Purpose, FOR a Purpose.  Her words encouraged me and I pray they'll encourage you as well! 

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2 Important Reasons You Need the Power of the Holy Spirit

I’ve sent up more than a few frantic, “help!” prayers in my lifetime.  There have been times when I just didn’t know what to say how to pray.  There have also been times when I’ve prayed those quick prayers and experienced what I can only describe as a supernatural power shortly afterwards.  My faith has been strengthened from these events and I want to give full credit to where that power came from: the Holy Spirit.

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Worthy of the Calling {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

This week's featured post for the Grace and Truth link up is a fabulous resource.   It's a free Bible study on the book of Ephesians by Sarah Koontz called, Worthy of the Calling. I've taken a sneak peak at this study already and I'm telling you, it's powerful!  The book of Ephesians is packed with truths that equip Christians to walk worthy of the calling.  Sarah has done a beautiful job putting this study together and she is generously offering it at no cost.  15 minutes a day for 31 days is all it takes.  The study will be delivered to your inbox.  If you are interested in taking part, I'll encourage you to click HERE and find out more. 

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Fighting Depression {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

This week's featured post is a story.  It's called An Assignment for Fighting Depression, by Emily Wood.  She writes at Splashes of Joy.  I've chosen this post to highlight because it's a relatable story about the author's initial misconceptions surrounding what it's like to go to counseling- and what really happened.  I believe that preconceived ideas often hold so many people back from getting the help they need.  Emily writes with humor and sensitivity and I think her words will be helpful to people.  I hope you'll take a moment to read and to say hello. 

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How Jesus is the Perfect Prophet, Priest, and King

Think about the last team you were a part of maybe it was a sports team.  You shared a common goal or purpose with other people.   If you had an effective team then you, undoubtedly, also had good leadership.

My high school dance team had a goal: win state.  It was as simple as that. 

The work that went towards accomplishing that goal was anything but simple. Thousands of smaller goals had to be met first.  It was a journey that spanned the course of a year and there were many distractions and hurdles along the way. 

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Hope for the Weary Ones {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

Hope for the Weary Ones is the title of this weeks featured post for the Grace and Truth link up.  It's written by Lois Flowers of Waxing Gibbous.  The hope that we have because of Christ is such a beautiful and true reality.  God is still in the business of redemption. Lois's words will be sure to encourage you.  I hope you'll take a moment to go and visit!

Thank you for sharing with us last week, Lois.

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