God’s Perfect Love for the Woman with a Fickle Heart

Fear grips tightly.  I‘ve known the daily struggle to throw off the chains of fear.  I’ve learned to pray through these times.  I focus my mind on that which is true and of good report.  I meditate on scriptures, which remind me to trust in the Lord with all my heart- and my faith is made stronger.  Fear is replaced with peace. 

Prayer Encouragement for Busy Moms {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

This week's featured post for the Grace and Truth link-up is by Deborah Haddix and it's called, Prayer Encouragement for the Busy Mom. In this post, Deborah acknowledges the struggle many of us face as busy moms, to regularly include prayer time in our lives.  She offers a great little resource that addresses this issue, a free e-book called Praying with Purpose for Our Children, that I thought was excellent!  I hope you'll go check out her post, say hello, and be encouraged as  I was! 

Treasure Your Teens {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

This week's featured post for the Grace and Truth link-up is called, Treasure you Teens by Entering their World, by Dianne, who writes at Sweeter than Honey.  Even if you don't have teens, I encourage you to read this wonderful post.  Dianne draws a connection between God entering our world to draw closer to us with the need for parents to enter their teen's worlds if they want to have a close relationship.  I was blessed by her words and I hope you'll go visit, say hello, and be blessed as I was. 

At Home in the World {Review + Giveaway}

It’s a feeling I know well….wanderlust.  This is strange because I can also be a homebody, a woman who craves routine and needs quiet solitude on a frequent basis.

"Things like wall colors and candles mattered to me more than I had guessed, and it felt freeing to admit it. I wanted to sink into the unpredictability of a cross-cultural life, yes, but I also wanted a bona fide home. This was a season of refinement, of acknowledging there were multiple sides to me that were equally true.  I was infected with an incurable sense of wanderlust, but I was also a homebody.
I matured into adulthood when I acknowledged this truth." -Tsh Oxenreider

Why Doctrine is Important to Me

Sitting around a dinner table the other night with friends, the conversation was relaxed.  At some point, one person asked a simple question, 

“What’s your story?”

That question, when asked in the right context (of trust, love, and good listeners) is one of my favorites.  I believe each person has an amazing story to tell.