Trusting in the Lord, with all of our hearts, will be the theme of this blog.  I have long known this portion of scripture to be true.  I’m someone who grew up in church, who knows a lot of "right" answers when it comes to sounding like a Christian.  The truths of the Christian faith have been in my head for a long time.  But just because something is in my head, doesn’t mean it has worked its way into my heart.  Only the Holy Spirit can do that work.  I've been learning to trust in Jesus throughout my life and I’ve experienced the blessings of what happens when I do.


The truth of what it means to trust Jesus has been working its way into my heart, by the grace of the Holy Spirit. But I’m still a work in progress.  Trusting in Jesus is something I want to do more of and understand more fully, so I’m writing a blog about it and sharing what I learn.  This blog is for people like me, who want the idea of trusting God to go deeper than head knowledge, people who want to trust Jesus with all of their heart but aren’t really sure how to do that, and people who know that it’s not something they can just conjure up on their own.  It’s about asking the Holy Spirit to come in and change our hearts. 

My plan is to blog a book.  So what you'll be seeing here will be a rough draft of that book.  You'll get to have a behind the scenes look at my writing process.  And if you'd like to leave feedback, I'll welcome it.  But if you'd rather just follow along quietly, I'm still just as happy and honored that you're here. 

You can expect about three new posts a week.  With my next post, I'll begin chapter one- and I'll be writing about what trusting God looks like.  I wrote a little more about where the title of this blog came from and about where I'm coming from on my About page.  Check it out!