Our Purpose: Loving God, Loving People For His Glory

Our purpose:  Loving God, Loving People, for God's Glory

Our purpose, as God’s creation, is to glorify him.  We do that through living in loving relationship with him and with his people, and by placing our whole-hearted trust in God.  How that plays out in daily life is unique for each person.  As Christians, we're called the body of Christ.  As each part of the body serves a different purpose, that’s how we, who love God, are to see ourselves. 

Each voice is important.  Each one of us is asked to serve and be available to be used in whatever way God sees as right.  How he uses our lives and our voices for his glory isn’t always obvious, but we can trust, that’s what he’s doing.  

This idea of unique voice, of each of us being capable of being used for God’s glory, was made more clear to me recently, as I’ve been working on this book.  In preparation for writing, I’ve been reading like crazy, a whole lot of books about trusting in God~.  Initially, the books I was reading felt intimidating in regard to the writing process.  The thought, why bother writing about something that so many other people have already written about, more skillfully than I can, came to me several times.

Bruce Wilkinson

As I continued to read these books about trusting God, here’s what I noticed.  I was reading the same stories, the same ideas, over and over, and it was okay.  It was more than okay.  It was good.  These stories were told with different voices, from different perspectives, and though they covered much of the same subject matter, I was still learning new things with each book I read.  What one author says in one particular way, might not stick with me in the same way that it does when I read it the next time- the same idea, said in another way, from another author.  It might not have anything to do with the author.  It might just be timing, and a heart that is ready to hear something at a particular time. 

That was it.  With this realization, I knew that I could write the book that I’m working on.  I can write it because it’s not about me.  It’s simply about a willingness to use my voice to glorify God because I love him.  If he chooses to use the particular way I phrase something to speak in just the right way to just the right person, at just the right time, then that’s what I want.  The result of my efforts may remain a mystery, or not.  I’m simply called to trust.

This idea goes far beyond writing.  The unique, particular way that you love a child, that you smile at a stranger, the way you write a note of encouragement to a friend, or whatever you do to serve God through loving others, in whatever capacity you are called to in this moment…it’s important.  You don’t always know how God will choose to use your acts of love to bring him glory.  It’s a beautiful mystery.  We are called to simply trust.  

He has made everything beautiful in its time. Also, he has put eternity into man’s heart, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end.  Ecclesiastes 3:11 

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