20 Favorite Date Ideas

20 favorite date ideas

At times, my husband and I have been intentional about making time for dates- and it’s always worth the effort.  With two kids and busy schedules, we have to be flexible with what the term, date, actually means. For us, it simply means a time set apart to connect, just the two of us.  For instance, this Saturday, our son had to be dropped off for his football game an hour and a half before it started, and since we were in an unfamiliar cute town, we took the opportunity to sneak off, get coffee and explore- nothing fancy, but it was nice to have that time together.

When our kids were younger, the need for a babysitter was what kept us from dating more often.  Eventually, we figured out that many of our friends with young kids were in the same boat- so we started trading babysitting services with each other.  That was a big win for everyone. 

Now that both our kids are tween/teen age, the issue is no longer babysitting.  It’s finding enough time to get away when one or the other doesn’t need a ride to or from some activity.  Car-pooling has saved the day here.

The point is, I believe that dating your spouse is important and should be a high priority, no matter the effort involved in making it happen.  My husband and I have room for improvement here.  Lately, we’ve been having a hard time thinking of fun ideas for dates.  So I made a list.  I’m sharing it here, in hopes that it can inspire you as well. 

20 favorite date ideas

Favorite Date Ideas

1. Bagels, Coffee, New York Times (or cartoons, whatever) and a late morning in bed

2. Coffee or frozen yogurt and a walk downtown

3. Mini Golf and Dinner

4. Movie night (at home or the theater)

5. Ballet or live theater (for guys who aren’t really into ballet, I recommend something like Don Quixote- it’s funny and easy to follow)

6. Football game (or some other sporting event)

7. Segway tour of your city

8. Bike ride

9. Wine tasting

10.Concert (music in the park if you’re looking for a free option)

11. Dance lessons

12. Hiking

13. Happy Hour

14. Dinner out (dress up)

15. Dinner out (casual)

16. Boating (rent a canoe or paddleboard)

17. Bookstore and coffee

18. Cook something new together

19. Go to a museum

20. Visit the garden store and then work in the yard together

How about you?  Your favorite dates?  I'd love to hear your ideas.