Fiercely His: Fighting for a Heart of Forgiveness

I never thought of myself as a fierce woman until I had kids.  The depth and ferocity of my feelings, when I perceive something as a threat to my children, came as a surprise to me.

#FiercelyHis Fighting for a Heart of Forgiveness


Mama bear. 


As a young mom, the first time I saw another little kid push over my daughter on a playground, I got a little glimpse into what kind of fierce woman I really am.  That time, it was a mild enough incident.  I picked my girl up, kissed her, and sent her back out to play…away from the other kid.  But what I felt inside, the intensity, it shocked me!  I had never felt like that before.  And that was just a little thing.  What would I do if my daughter’s happiness or her sense of security were actually threatened?  I was afraid to find out.

Yet soon enough, I would. 

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