Understanding Passover: 10 Things Christians Should Know

The most famous Passover meal is best known as The Lord’s Supper. This Seder meal marked the last time Jesus ate with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion. Observed for over 4,000 years, Passover is the oldest known religious ritual in Western history. While Passover is a part of Jewish cultural and faith traditions, it has relevance for Christians as well.

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Why does Passover matter to Christians? The Passover story is about redemption and freedom, themes that are echoed throughout the Gospel message. It’s a foreshadowing of the hope that Christians find in Jesus and it points to the continued hope that we look forward to upon His return.

Passover contains invitations that speak to Christians today. It’s a celebration and a remembrance of our roots, and it’s a story about God and how He loves His people. There’s deep wisdom and profound truths to be found within the traditions of Passover. The following are ten things about Passover that Christians should know.

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