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What You Need to Know if You Have a Broken Identity

Have you ever felt forgotten and abandoned?

There is a whole society of people that stands with you, bearing the weight of loneliness and shame, fear and isolation.

It’s AD 60 and Paul is sitting in the corner of a Roman prison, writing the book of Ephesians to the new community of Christians in Ephesus. The book of Ephesians is about our identity in Christ – our adoption, redemption and hope.

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Dear Friend Who No Longer Attends Church

Hey, Sweet Friend...

I’m writing to let you know that we’ve missed YOU in our fellowship!

We really have! No, we haven’t called or checked on you like we should have. I’m really sorry for this.

We’ve not been as sensitive as we should have been. We’ve dropped the ball in our follow through. We’ve failed you in our outreach.

But, I’m reaching out to you now – today. I really hope it’s not too late.

I want to invite you to come back to church.

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Overcoming the Waves of Overwhelm

On this particular day I sit in the silence and let the wave just crash over me. If it was an actual wave it’d be enough to drown me but it’s not that type of wave.

It’s a wave of overwhelm that floods my soul.

It threatens to pull me out to the deep if I don’t find something to cling to. It wants to drag me to the place where fears overtake and hope gets washed away.

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