30 Days of Raising Boys: 7 Strategies for an Environment Where Boys Thrive

7 strategies for an environment where boys thrive

I love being a boy mom.  I loved having boys in my classroom when I taught school (even when they couldn’t sit still) and I’m happy when my son’s friends are at our house, eating our food, playing video games, camping in our backyard, leaving their dirty socks everywhere (okay, maybe not that last one).  I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve even grown to love football- thanks to being a boy mom.  I’m a balletomane (fancy word for someone who loves ballet), a Vogue reading, pink loving, tea parties and white furniture kind of girl…so this all took me by surprise.  I was nervous about the idea of a boy, but once my son was born, I was smitten.  And suddenly, statistics, like the ones below, became more personal.     

Little boys are 5x more likely to be expelled from preschool as girls.  Boys are 10x more likely to be diagnosed as hyperactive, than girls.  80% of attention deficit disorder drugs are prescribed to boys.  80% of high school dropouts are boys, and 1 in 70 men in the U.S. today, are in jail. (1) Most certainly, there are some major problems with the way boys are being served by our society today.

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