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Making More of Jesus at Christmas with Teens

Making much of Jesus over Christmas isn’t only about commemorating our Lord’s birth.  Making much of Jesus is about following his example and living in a way that brings glory to God.  As Christians, this what we are called to year-round, but the holidays are a special time of year, where people are often particularly sensitive to the things of God.   @@We can use the holidays as an opportunity to be a light in the world for Jesus@@ and we can lead our kids, through our example, in what this looks like. 

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Waldorf and Christianity: Are They Compatible?

Once upon a time, when my kids were much younger, I had a different blog.  On that blog, I wrote about homeschooling with a Waldorf philosophy.  The name of that blog was Renaissance Mama.  Eventually, as my kids got older, out of respect for their privacy, it felt right for me to take that blog offline.  But I also wrote some guest posts during those early years.  Those are still available on other people’s blogs.  It was one of those guest posts, about Waldorf education, which recently brought me in touch with a young mother who had some thoughtful questions for me.

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When Your Teen is Struggling With Their Faith

“If our kids never struggle with their faith, they will have borrowed convictions.” –Josh McDowell

I was raised in a Christian home. My mom was a children’s pastor.  I felt like I was always at church.  But when I got to high school, I started having doubts about my faith.  I was no longer interested in taking everything my parents said at face value.  I had to figure it out for myself.  More importantly, I needed the Holy Spirit to help me…to change my heart.  I could no longer rely on my parent’s faith.  It had to be my own.

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The Importance of Grace in Parenting

I could hear my seven-year-old happily singing from the bathroom as I loaded the dishwasher.  It was almost time to leave for school.  His big sister pointed out that he’d been in there a long time, and that he was probably getting into stuff.  It was the same suspicion I had.  His bathroom shenanigans were usually no more harmful than the occasional overzealous application of his Daddy’s cologne- and sometimes, he used way too much toilet paper, causing the toilet to overflow.  I’m an expert with the toilet plunger.  I have a lot of practice.

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Is Talk Like That, Real?

“Please Jesus, help me out here!”

I said the words, out loud, in a moment of frustration, as I fought to remain calm.  My son was buckled in his car seat, waiting expectantly for me to drive him to preschool.  I was scheduled to be the parent helper that day.  I sat in the driver’s seat on that cold winter morning, still parked in my driveway, turning the key in the ignition… hearing nothing but silence from the engine.

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Holiday Etiquette for Gracious Kids

Christmas is a time of year that has an abundance of teachable moments for parents to guide their kids towards graciousness.  Attending and hosting parties, formal dinners, gift giving and receiving...these are all occasions that present an opportunity for children to learn about etiquette.  The heart of good etiquette is about making the other people around us feel comfortable.  It's about putting others first and showing honor to them...out of love. 

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