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At Home in the World {Review + Giveaway}

It’s a feeling I know well….wanderlust.  This is strange because I can also be a homebody, a woman who craves routine and needs quiet solitude on a frequent basis.

"Things like wall colors and candles mattered to me more than I had guessed, and it felt freeing to admit it. I wanted to sink into the unpredictability of a cross-cultural life, yes, but I also wanted a bona fide home. This was a season of refinement, of acknowledging there were multiple sides to me that were equally true.  I was infected with an incurable sense of wanderlust, but I was also a homebody.
I matured into adulthood when I acknowledged this truth." -Tsh Oxenreider

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16 of the Best Books I Read in 2016

Every January, it seems that there’s an abundance of recommended reading lists that populate the blogosphere.  “Tis the season.  I love reading these lists.   

I used to read book lists while trying to file away a few ideas in my memory.  Sadly, I probably missed out on quite a few great books this way.  My memory isn’t the most reliable filing system.  Things get lost in there.

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4 New Books from Some Favorite Faith Bloggers

I have four new books to tell you about today!  One of the joys of writing a blog is that, sometimes, I get to read books before they're officially published.  I was busy this summer reading advance copies of several books, written by some of my favorite faith bloggers.  Finally, I get to share them with you! The fact that these books are all written by faith bloggers makes me feel proud, particularly because they're all so great!

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10 Great Books to Encourage Your Christian Faith

Do you love to read?  I sure do.  I don't have as much time as I'd like to have for reading- so I'm picky about the books that I choose.  I love a great novel that makes me think, something I can get lost in, and I enjoy a light beach read, when the time is right. But most often, the books I gravitate towards are the ones that can teach me something (and get straight to the point), books that make good use limited precious time.

The following list of books that I've compiled were chosen with three criteria:  

  • I've read them (and wholeheartedly recommend them)
  • They encouraged me in my Christian faith (and I believe they'll encourage you)
  • They offer solid, no-nonsense, Biblical teaching in a compelling manner.
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