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6 Daily Affirmations to Bring Calm to an Anxious Heart

I can still remember my fourth grade teacher telling me I was a good writer.  I had never thought about myself that way, not until that moment.  I believed her when she said it because I respected her. I’m thankful Mrs. Larson took the time to encourage me the way she did.  It had a lasting impact.  Today, I’m a writer, doing exactly what I love most.  She probably had something to do with that.

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Mini-Retreats: 3 Different Types (and why we need them)

We all need to retreat every once in awhile.  A change of pace from the ordinary refreshes the body, mind, and spirit.  Different types of retreats serve different purposes, but I believe there are three primary types of retreats that all people need: solo, community, and Sabbath.  These retreats don’t need to involve large quantities of time or travel.  You can create mini-retreats, at home.  All you need is a plan and a few minutes set aside for this purpose.

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30 Ways to Be Renewed: Body, Spirit & Mind

The ideas wouldn't flow.  I felt like I was stuck in mud.  It seemed like I had depleted every ounce of creativity and strength I had in me. As a busy mom and as a writer, I knew I needed replenishment.  Spiritually, I realized I was little dry, as well.  I wasn't satisfied with the stale routine I had going.  I had been checking off the "to dos" of Bible reading and prayer out of duty, rather than a deep thirst for more of God. 

I knew God's promises.  I've experienced his truths. I just needed to act upon them. 

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31 Days: New Beginnings, Journal

My newest printable journal, 31 Days:  New Beginnings, is a packed full of beautiful quote graphics and scriptures that celebrate new beginnings.  The arrival of spring and the celebration of Easter is a good time to ponder the gift of new life that Christians have been given, through grace, because of Jesus. 

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31 Days of Scripture: The Character of God (a free gift for you)

The Delight in Doctrine series that Melanie have been publishing on Wednesdays is on hiatus for one week. In the meantime, I'm excited to share a resource that's closely related, something I've been working on for you!  I have a new printable journal called, 31 Days of Scripture:  The Character of God.  It's a free gift for you, my way of letting you know how much I love and appreciate you. 

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16 of the Best Books I Read in 2016

Every January, it seems that there’s an abundance of recommended reading lists that populate the blogosphere.  “Tis the season.  I love reading these lists.   

I used to read book lists while trying to file away a few ideas in my memory.  Sadly, I probably missed out on quite a few great books this way.  My memory isn’t the most reliable filing system.  Things get lost in there.

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