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Nothing Moved But the Tide: A Short Story

Some of you may know I’ve been working on writing my first novel, a historical romance called Sorrento Girl. The manuscript for this is finally at a stage where I can start exploring different options for publication. I don't know how long that process will take, but I'm guessing I might need some patience.

I'm looking forward to the day when I can share Sorrento Girl with you all. While I wait, I thought it would be fun to write a short story that I could share right now.

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25 Faith Writers You'll Want to Follow on Instagram

Instagram is one of my favorite places to be on social media.  I have a lot of fun there and I'm often inspired by the creativity, the beauty, and the inspirational words.  I also love the behind the scenes peeks I get into other people's lives (I love the cute kids and animals). 

There are many different types of Instagram accounts that I enjoy following.  One particular group that I wanted to highlight today are faith writers.  Here are 25 of my favorite Instagram accounts that belong to faith writers.  The following Instagram accounts that I'm sharing here today are:

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Be Bold Girl: Daring to Hope

“I don’t really care if I get it or not. I just want to see what happens.”
How many times have you heard this phrase (or a variation of it) from someone you know? Maybe that someone was you. Did you believe it? Sometimes indifference is a mask for fear.

“Don’t get your hopes up.”
This is too often the response that many of us receive after setting a high goal. Why shouldn’t we have high hopes?

“Well, it’s all in God’s hands….”
There’s truth in this statement. God IS in control. But my feeling is, that too often, this phrase is used as an excuse, to avoid the work that’s required on our part, when we dare to hope for what we really want.



I'm guest writing for the #BeBoldGirl series at Rachel Britton.  To read the rest click here

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Audacious: 5 Secrets of World-Changers

Wandering through a bookshop, several months ago, the title of a book caught my eye, Writing to Change the World, by Mary Pipher.  That’s a bold title, I thought.  I felt compelled to buy it.  Over the time I was reading the book I found myself doing something that felt a little crazy.  When visitors came into my home, if that book (with its bold title) was sitting in plain view, I would quickly turn it over or hide it. 

It felt audacious; to even read a book like that.

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10 Ways to Brainstorm Blog Post Ideas

I’ve got something a little different for you today, a peak behind the scenes at my writing process.  Here are ten ideas that I use to brainstorm blog post ideas:

This first idea was partially inspired by reading Nina Amir’s, How to Blog a Book.  The initial 3-4 months of writing for this blog, I wrote exclusively from an outline that I did for a book I’m working on.  I chose my topic first (trusting in Jesus) and then I started researching.  I read at least five books on my topic before I ever started publishing any content.  Next, I put together a playlist of songs that inspired me.  It was at this point that I decided I wanted Oceans, by Hillsong, to be the theme song of my blog and my book.  The lyrics lent themselves to organizing the book into 8 chapters.  Each chapter had a line from the song, to use as that chapter’s focus, and each chapter had 4-5 blog posts (or chapter subtopics), which fit together under that theme.   So I had approximately 40 blog posts ideas from one book outline.  

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Life Itself is Grace

This morning, after days of heavy rain, the sun appeared. I went for a run through the forest. Sunlight filtered through a thick vapor that was billowing off the mossy tree trunks. The water droplets on the tips of the pine needles and leaves appeared as thousands of tiny glittering diamonds. It was so beautiful, tears came to my eyes

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Thoughts on writing, connecting, and story

I’ve been thinking about the wonderful feedback I received from the reader survey that I offered recently.  It was honest, encouraging, and constructive.  I appreciate you; dear readers, and I want to say a big, sincere thank you.

Your words, as a summation, were a validation of a single word, that I’ve been pondering and hearing spoken to me from many different sources.  The word is story

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