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How to Make a Powerful Appeal

I’ve had the chance over the past few weeks to talk to many of you who are stuck in some really difficult situations.

In the past few days, I’ve spoken with one person who would like to leave their job, one person who'd like to change churches, and another person who’d like to get a raise for the extra workload they have taken on at their job.

All of these situations require wisdom, delicate handling, and much prayer.

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Made to Create: A Living Room Make-Over

Cozy Minimalist is the name of an online decorating course, by Myquillin Smith (also known as The Nester).  You may already know her from her blog and/or book called, The Nesting Place. After being on the waiting list for the months, anxiously waiting for her class to re-open, I finally had the privilege of taking her course- and now I'm happy to welcome you into my home, to share some before and after photos and tell you some of what I learned. 

Because who doesn't love a good before and after!

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Audacious: 5 Secrets of World-Changers

Wandering through a bookshop, several months ago, the title of a book caught my eye, Writing to Change the World, by Mary Pipher.  That’s a bold title, I thought.  I felt compelled to buy it.  Over the time I was reading the book I found myself doing something that felt a little crazy.  When visitors came into my home, if that book (with its bold title) was sitting in plain view, I would quickly turn it over or hide it. 

It felt audacious; to even read a book like that.

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What I Learned in 2015

This year, with the beginning of this blog and my book writing, I was on a steep learning curve.  It was challenging but good!  I certainly can't say I was bored in 2015.  Most months, I participated in Emily P. Freeman's once a month link-up at Chatting at the Sky, called What I Learned.  I'm happy that I have these posts to look back on, to see what I learned throughout the year.

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What I Learned- August

Once again, it's time for "What I Learned", a link-up with Emily @ Chatting at the Sky, where we look back on the past month and share the little treasures we gathered along the way.  Sometimes silly, always fun.  If you want to join in, link up here

1.  If you're going to paint a brick wall, give yourself a lot of time, and a whole lot of paint- or if you're really smart, rent a sprayer (I didn't do that).  It would appear to be an easy project.  It's not.  Every little grout crevice had to be filled in by hand with a tiny sponge brush.  It took 3 gallons of high quality paint to do the job but it was worth it.  I love the results.  

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