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Christian Hospitality: 10 Ways to Love Your Neighbor

Over the next few weeks on this blog, we’ll explore different ways to connect with other people and welcome them into our homes and lives.  These types of efforts are often rewarded by stronger community bonds and new friendships.  Those are wonderful blessings: good for your heart, mind, and soul.  But as Christians, there’s another, more important reason behind our desire to love our neighbors

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Made to Create: A Living Room Make-Over

Cozy Minimalist is the name of an online decorating course, by Myquillin Smith (also known as The Nester).  You may already know her from her blog and/or book called, The Nesting Place. After being on the waiting list for the months, anxiously waiting for her class to re-open, I finally had the privilege of taking her course- and now I'm happy to welcome you into my home, to share some before and after photos and tell you some of what I learned. 

Because who doesn't love a good before and after!

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How to Invite Hygge into Your Life

Hygee: it's not a new idea (particularly if you live in Scandinavia) but for me, it's a fresh way of looking at life, something I've embraced whole-heartedly- and it's just too good not to share. Pronounced, (hue-gah) this is a Danish concept, and it doesn't have a literal English translation, but the basic idea of it is that it's a state a mind that includes three main concepts,

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