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What I Learned- August

Once again, it's time for "What I Learned", a link-up with Emily @ Chatting at the Sky, where we look back on the past month and share the little treasures we gathered along the way.  Sometimes silly, always fun.  If you want to join in, link up here

1.  If you're going to paint a brick wall, give yourself a lot of time, and a whole lot of paint- or if you're really smart, rent a sprayer (I didn't do that).  It would appear to be an easy project.  It's not.  Every little grout crevice had to be filled in by hand with a tiny sponge brush.  It took 3 gallons of high quality paint to do the job but it was worth it.  I love the results.  

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Thoughts on writing, connecting, and story

I’ve been thinking about the wonderful feedback I received from the reader survey that I offered recently.  It was honest, encouraging, and constructive.  I appreciate you; dear readers, and I want to say a big, sincere thank you.

Your words, as a summation, were a validation of a single word, that I’ve been pondering and hearing spoken to me from many different sources.  The word is story

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Faith and Culture 2015- What I Learned

I really want to get back to the book writing, and I will, with a blog post on Thursday titled 5 More Ways that God shows his Unfailing Faithfulness, a continuation of this post from last week.  I’ve been off topic lately, sharing some other writing I’ve had in my files.  It was spring break for my kids and I went to a writing conference- so life has been busy. 

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