What I Learned in March

What I learned in March: a link up with Chatting at the Sky

Just for fun, I'm joining in with Emily of Chatting at the Sky for a link-up called What I Learned.  This is a mix of treasures that I picked up along the way this month. 

1.Tom Hanks- he’s still as adorable as he’s always been- and all I need to do is watch him in this video to get a pretty good idea what my husband will look like in about 20 years.   They’ve always shared an uncanny likeness to each other, and now I’ve learned that they also seem to share the kind of quirky dance style.

Tom Hanks/Derek

What do you think?  Do you see the resemblance?  

2.Producing and Consuming, and why both matter-  @ The Art of Simple- Producing (as in creating, writing, etc.) and consuming (as in reading, watching, etc.).  I was coming to the same conclusion myself.  When I’m feeling stuck in my writing, then a helpful thing to do is pick up a book and read for a short while..  Then Tsh went and wrote a blog post that summed it up so perfectly.   We were thinking about the same thing. 

3. Morphic Resonance- that’s the term to describe the above phenomenon.  I had to look that up.   

4. A delightful benefit of having listened to an author’s podcast is that when I read the books, I can hear their actual voice in my head as I’m reading.  I just finished reading Home is Where My People Are, with every word in Boo Mama’s lovely southern drawl.  I loved the book, and now I really want to visit the places she wrote about. Except I'll take her word for it, and I will not go to New Orleans in the summer. 

5. Getting a driver’s license at 16 is not the same as it once was, like when I turned 16- at least not here, around Seattle.  My daughter has no interest in learning how to drive right now, and many of her friends don’t either.  I was surprised.  Is it like this in others areas of the country?

6. I will wait to watch Downton Abbey with the rest of the country next season.  I got impatient and watched it on the UK schedule last fall, via a website.  But then I couldn’t say anything!  When my friends were making comments about it on social media, I had to be quiet.  Do you know how hard that is?! That was a lonely place to be.  I learned that this is a social show, best shared with friends. 

7. It’s time for me to start searching for the perfect shade of red lipstick.  My friend Kristen wrote the sweetest post about being married for 15 years, and celebrating this special stage in life. 

8.  It doesn't matter if what i'm writing has been said before.  It’s simply about a willingness to use my voice to glorify God because I love him.  If he chooses to use the particular way I phrase something to speak in just the right way to just the right person, at just the right time, then that’s what I want. 

March was a classic Seattle mix of rain and dark skies.  I stayed inside, drank a lot of coffee, and read a lot of books.  I'm looking forward to April, and maybe a little more sunshine.  I'll be sitting outside on bleachers a lot of the time.  Both of my kids are in track and field this spring.  Life has come full circle.  Before he was my husband, way back in high school, I spent many a spring day in the bleachers watching Derek at his track meets.