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What it Means to be Adopted by God: 6 Amazing Privileges

What does it mean to be adopted into God’s family? I believe it means enjoying an unconditional love that’s forever. As a Christian, sometimes, I can still take on the mindset of someone who thinks I’m accepted into God’s family as long as I don’t mess up. I can forget that adoption into God’s family is permanent- and solely by His grace, not my works. I’m still learning, but as I’ve grown to more fully accept God’s grace. I've become better at trusting in his unconditional love, and I have a much greater peace than ever before.

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How Grace Brings Purpose to Our Mistakes

There’s a story in the gospels (see John 4) about a woman who met Jesus at a well.  She was at this well during the hot part of the day so she could draw water at a time when the others wouldn’t be there. She wanted to avoid them because she lived with shame.

She was a woman who had five failed marriages.  The man she lived with was not her husband.   She was a mess. Jesus knew all of this and he had a purpose behind what happened next.

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Knowing God: The Truth About the Gospel

It’s easy in these modern times to know a lot about a person without actually knowing them.  Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, this truth stood out starkly.  I noted the many people I had only a surface level acquaintance with.  Often, I knew where they went on their last vacation, what sports their kids played, where they worked, etc.- but that’s not the same the thing as really knowing them.

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