How to Win Your Child's Heart for Life, Book Review

How to Win Your Child's Heart for Life- book review

“Win their hearts as little children and keep their hearts throughout their growing up years, and you’ll have their hearts for life.”

-How to Win Your Child’s Heart for Life, by Melanie Redd


As parents, our children have our hearts- no question about it.  Often times, it feels like our hearts are walking around outside our bodies.  There aren’t adequate words for how deep this love is. We want the best for them and quite naturally, we want their hearts, too. 

Sadly, life doesn’t always work that way. Let’s face it, whether we are close to our own parents, or not…we all know of parent/child relationships that are anything but loving.  Not all parents have their children’s hearts.  Maybe the love only goes one-way, or it’s still there, deep down, but nobody can see it.  Who wants that?  I don’t believe anyone does.

The thought of my own kids, growing up and eventually wanting nothing to do with me is a fear that has visited me on occasion, even before I had kids.  I’ve seen heartache and estrangement happen to too many other people around me, to take this bond for granted.  @@Like any other relationship, the parent-child relationship must be nurtured and cared for.@@

 I like the way Melanie phrases it, keeping their hearts.  It may sound simple, but it’s a great piece of parenting advice, and it doesn’t happen without intention.  So how do we do this?  Melanie wrote a book about it, called How to Win Your Child’s Heart for Life:  8 Proven Strategies for Parents

I’ve been reading Melanie’s blog for about a year now and I have come to see her as a mentor that can be trusted.  She is slightly ahead of me on this parenting journey.  She’s a woman who loves God and her family, and she’s someone who’s full of the deep wisdom- that kind that comes from many years of walking closely in a relationship with Jesus.

How to Win Your Child's Heart for Life by Melanie Redd

In this book, Melanie speaks to all parents, the ones just starting out, and the ones who have been at it awhile.  She writes with a refreshing honesty about the challenges and blessings of parenting.  The eight strategies for keeping a child’s heart that she writes about are:

1. You Need a Strategy- making prayer a top priority in your home

2. Drinking From a Fire Hydrant- always be learning and growing as a parent

3.  Where is the Wisdom? - seek out older and wiser friends who can give you insight and perspective

 4.  Are You Barking?- Quit!- be a good listener and be careful with your words

 5.  Teachable Moments- teach your children when they are most teachable

 6.  Skillfully Winning Battles- choose your battles wisely

7.  It’s One Thing Parents Should Never Lose- make your home a place of laughter, joy, humor, and fun!

8.  The Most Essential Parenting Advice of All- never stop LOVING and encouraging your kids

I enjoyed this book.  I thought it was full of practical advice and the format was easy to read, going straight to the point.  Melanie illustrates her advice with personal stories and humor and she supports her words with scriptures.  I would recommend this book to all parents. 

I treasure the love of my children and I want to keep their hearts for a lifetime. If you're a parent, I know you do, too.  I appreciate books, like Melanie's, that help me to be more intentional about the way I love my children. 


I bought this book because I already knew that Melanie was a trusted source of information on parenting (her blog can be found, here).  Not only was this book all that I expected from this wonderful lady but it exceeded my already high expectations.  After reading it, I contacted Melanie and asked if I might offer a paperback copy of How to Win Your Child’s Heart, to one of you, dear readers.  She generously said, yes! 

The last time I did a giveaway, many of you let me know that the plug-in I used was difficult to access from all browsers.  I’m going to keep it simple this time.  I will enter anyone who leaves a comment on this post (and a way to contact you).  I will then stick the names in a hat and let one of my kids pick one on Monday, February 29th.

**Contest closed** Congrats to Ifeoma on winning the book!