9 of the Best Books on Trusting God

9 of the Best Books on Trusting God | christian books about trusting God | favorite books on trusting God || Above the Waves #trustgod #christianbooks

Here are nine of the best books that I've recently read as I've been researching the topic of trusting God.  There's one more book, that should go without saying, the ultimate authority and resource on trusting God, which actually brings this list to ten- the Holy Bible.  It stands alone in a category above all others. Here are a few more books though, where I've been finding inspiration, and I recommend any one of these. 

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“Whatever dark tunnel we may be called upon to travel through, God has been there.” 
― Elisabeth Elliot


I wrote a review about another favorite, Fear and Faith, by Trillia Newbell.  The review may be found here
All of the books mentioned above have helped me in my life and have influenced the content of this blog, particularly regarding the topic of trusting God.  For more book recommendations, on Christian living and the grace of God, two more of my favorite topics, you may go here.   If you have books or blogs that you have found inspiring, that you think I should know about, please share in the comments below. 

**How to Stop Worrying and Start Living, by Dale Carnegie is not specifically about trusting God, but it is an excellent, practical resource that deals with anxiety issues. 


Since I originally wrote this post, I’ve since published my own book on Trusting God. I think it’s pretty great, too, if I do say so myself! It’s called Look to Jesus: How to Let Go of Worry and Trust God. It’s available in digital, paperback, and audio formats. You can purchase it HERE.