Trusting God through Uncertainty (with 10 practical ways to relieve stress)

Everybody has insecurities, those areas of life where we want to hold on a little tighter and maintain control, when really, God is in control- whether we acknowledge it or not.  I may think I'm trusting God with all heart- but when I feel threatened in one of these places of insecurity, when I start feeling more stressed than normal, because I want control, this is a an indication that I may have elevated a good thing into a god thing, an idol.  Anything that we elevate in importance over God can become an idol. 

For me, it's home, my kid's happiness, and financial security (all good things) that tend to occupy a place in my heart that can easily slip into idolatry.  All three were threatened earlier this summer, after a single phone call.

I wrote a guest post for my friend Holly, one day after that call.  In it, I was reminding myself, as much as anyone else, about trusting God in situations of uncertainty- and I outlined 10 practical ways to deal with stress.  

You can read that post here

p.s. I followed the advice I gave, and with lots of prayer and help from the Holy Spirit, I got through a scary time just fine.  God really was in control.  The house sale is happening, and it's expected to close next week!

Dawn Klinge4 Comments