A Review of Jen Hatmaker's book, For the Love

a review of Jen Hatmaker's For the Love

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Jen Hatmaker’s new book, For the Love: Fighting for Grace in a World of Impossible Standards, releases today!  I’m so excited to finally tell you more about this new book.  I got to read an advance copy months ago, but I’ve kept (mostly) quiet, knowing that wouldn’t be very nice to tell you all about a book that wasn’t available yet.  This is a book that you definitely will want to read.

For the Love is a collection of wisdom (with a liberal sprinkling of humor) that feels like an easy conversation with an awesome sister more than anything else.  With chapter titles such as, On Calling and Haitian Moms, Fashion Concerns, Marriage: Have Fun and Stuff, Jesus Kids, and Dear Christians, Please Stop Being Crappy, the topics run across a wide gamut, from serious to silly.

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This is an easy book to pick up and read little snippets of.  The chapters are not necessarily connected, other than the overriding theme of fighting for grace.  It’s more of a series of related essays. The theme of grace is close to my heart, something I’m always fighting for, and I appreciated what Jen had to say about letting go of perfectionism and judgment.  The book had me laughing out loud and re-reading portions to my husband, but it also had moments of deep insight that made me think. 

I had high expectations for this new book, after reading Jen’s other popular book, Seven: A Mutiny Against Excess.  This book was very different from that one, but I was not disappointed.  If you’re looking for a book that will encourage you in your Christian faith, that will make you laugh, and a book that is honest about living a life of grace, then I recommend For the Love.   I was given a free copy of this book, but all opinions are my own. 

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You’re going to want to get a copy of your own!  It’s that good.  I’m not giving my copy away.  I’ve already read it several times and I’m keeping it!  But I will buy one of you a copy of your own, and send it to your house.  It’s my way of saying thank you for being such great readers.  At the end of this post, just leave a comment (and make sure you leave a way I can contact you).  I’ll choose a random winner at the end of this week (8/22/15).

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