20 Popular Christian Marriage Posts- a round up

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate
— Mark 10:9
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I have a marriage board on Pinterest where I collect my favorite blog posts, the ones that inspire. encourage, challenge, and make me want to be a better wife.  These 20 links that I'm sharing with you today are not only some of my favorites, but they seem to have resonated with a lot of other people, too.  You may have already seen some of these popular posts if you're on Pinterest. Now I've gathered them together in one convenient spot.  Enjoy!  


1. 30 Text Messages for Spouses- Satisfaction Through Christ

 Is it hard for you to come up with sweet text messages for your spouse on the spot?  If so, this could be a great help.


2.  28 Days of Blessing Your Spouse Challenge- Faith Along the Way

 Here’s a whole month’s worth of ideas on acts of service that you can use to show your love for your spouse (with free printable).


3.  Weekly Date Night:  You Can Make it Happen- Joy in My Kitchen

Weekly date nights can still happen if you have kids and if you’re busy.  Joy shares some helpful tips on how to make that happen in this post.


20 popular posts on Christian marriage

4.  The Best Thing I Can Do To Bless My Husband- Sharing Redemption’s Stories

Are you still looking for ways to bless your spouse? Please, listen to Rebekah’s wise advice.


5.  When Trusting God Means Trusting Your Husband- Pressing in and Pressing On

“Trust your husband, not because he's always trustworthy or because he deserves it, But because you trust a faithful God.” – Jen. 

This isn’t always easy, but it’s what Christian women are called to do.


6.  Speaking Your Approval- Kaylene Yoder

What every husband wants to hear from his wife.  Encourage him with your words!


20 popular Christian marriage posts

7.  18 Promises to My Husband for Our Next 18 Years- Blessed Are the Feet

This anniversary post is one of the sweetest things ever.  There’s a lot of wisdom in here.


8.  Why Do I Feel Like I Miss You?- A Divine Encounter

“A little extra glue never hurts a marriage” –Jennifer

This is an open letter to her husband, and it can encourage us all.


9.  20 Things I Learned About Marriage in 20 Years- Together with Family

Some great advise from someone who’s been there.


20 popular blog post about Christian Marriage

10.  Secrets, Men, and Love- Worshipful Living

Nurturing a tender love with your husband


11.  Date Night Ideas Under $15- Mommy Envy

Need some more date night ideas, but don’t want to spend a lot of money?  Check out these fun ideas.


12.  6 Applications for Grace in Marriage- Above the Waves

This is a favorite of mine that I wrote…encouragement for a marriage filled with grace


20 popular blog posts on Christian marriage

13.  30 Cheap and Fun Date Ideas- Tricia Goyer

Yes, another list of date ideas, but I love to date my husband, and I’m always looking for more ideas!


14.  For the Wife Who Doesn’t Feel Like Celebrating Love- Being Confident of This

For when you don’t feel in love- some great encouragement


15.  27 Ways to Show Your Husband Respect- For the Family

“I don’t show my husband respect to manipulate. Instead, I respect my husband because I love him. And I know that the more I care for him in ways he feels respected, the more love is returned.” – Tricia Goyer


20 popular blog posts about Christian marriage

16.  Five Boundaries that Will Protect Your Marriage- Pint-Sized Treasures

It’s important to be intentional about setting boundaries to protect your marriage.  Here’s an example of how Alison did this.


17. Words of Affirmation Every Relationship Needs to Hear- Mother’s Niche

Use your words to let your spouse know they’re loved!


18. For the Christian Marriage Bed- 7 Tips for a Better Sex Life- Arabah Joy

“God made it good; and it’s a symbol of deep spiritual realities.”

This also has a prayer guide for a better sex life.


19.  Wives, Free Your Husbands (from the burden of your self worth)- The Brown Tribe

 The only one who can heal you of what has hurt you and what you have internalized as a definition of you, is God.  Anything else is idolatry.


20.  Marriage, Children, and the Gospel- Busy Being Blessed

This is a reminder of what God’s purpose for marriage.  It’s not about us, but rather, our relationships should reflect Jesus.

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