31 Days of Scripture: The Character of God (a free gift for you)

The Character of God (free printable) journal | #freeprintable #devotion

The Delight in Doctrine series that Melanie have been publishing on Wednesdays is on hiatus for one week. In the meantime, I'm excited to share a resource that's closely related, something I've been working on for you!  I have a new printable journal called, 31 Days of Scripture:  The Character of God.  It's a free gift for you, my way of letting you know how much I love and appreciate you. 

The past couple of month's of the doctrine series have been focused on who God is.  As I've been writing, I've been collecting verses from the Bible that tell of some of the many wonderful characteristics of God.  Just as I did with the 31 Days of Proverbs journal, I've created 31 more days of beautiful scripture graphics with space for journaling, in the format of a printable booklet.  

This booklet is the newest resource available in The Library.  The Library is where newsletter subscribers may access several free downloads/printable resources that I've made for readers of Above the Waves.  

Here's a few examples of what the Scriptures say about who God is (and what you'll find in this journal):

  • God is a teacher, exalted in his power.

God is a teacher, exalted in power
  • God's ways are perfect, and he is a refuge

God's ways are perfect and he is a refuge
  • God is faithful and steadfast

God is faithful and steadfast
  • God is majestic and awesome

God is majestic and awesome
  • God is love

God is love

31 Days of meditating on Scriptures about who God is.  

This printable booklet is designed to encourage meditation and/or memory work on one scripture each day of the month. The blank lines may be used to record your own thoughts and prayers.

If you’re like me, you may find that copying the scriptures in your own handwriting is a useful tool to aid in memorization.  There’s room for that on these pages.

Print these pages, cut in half, and staple together to make a booklet.  Or, print, cut out the graphics and tack them up somewhere to remind you of God’s precious truths as you go about your day.

However you choose to use this resource, I pray that it will be an encouragement to you as you soak in the beauty of who God is. 


31 Days of Scripture:  The Character of God, journal (free printable)

Please feel free download and use this free printable however you like.  I'm thinking of printing out a few copies and giving them as gifts.  I added washi tape to make a "binding" and dress the book up a bit.  I simply ask that if you share the file, please link back to this post. 

This journal is in The Library along with all several other free printables and downloads.  

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