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The Frightening Day I met an Angel on the Side of the Road

Sweat dripped into my eyes, stinging, as I forced my tired legs to push the pedals of my bike forward. I was on the final stretch of the first morning of a 3-day bike tour with my church youth group. The hot desert highway in eastern Washington was proving harder than I'd expected, but I knew I'd soon reach the top of the long hill I was working on, and I was looking forward to the descent.

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How I Know God is With Me

I want to tell you this story, because I think it illustrates God’s sovereignty, wisdom, and love. It was a time where he showed me that he is with me, that I am never alone.  This is one of my more dramatic stories.  Most of what I experience in my daily life with God more subtle. Most of His work in my life is behind the scenes, and sadly, I’m sure I miss noticing the majority of it.  But this time, he chose to show his love in a way that I couldn’t miss. 

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