How Do We Know that the Bible is God's Word?

It was a strange site to see… really. 

Two women walking in the neighborhood who seemed so very different from each other. 

I would walk in short, a t-shirt, and tennis shoes. Some of the days were extremely warm with temperatures soaring into the 90’s. The other woman, my neighbor, had much darker skin and was covered from head to toe. She even wore an hijab (scarf covering her head and neck) even on the hottest days. 

How to Make a Powerful Appeal

I’ve had the chance over the past few weeks to talk to many of you who are stuck in some really difficult situations.

In the past few days, I’ve spoken with one person who would like to leave their job, one person who'd like to change churches, and another person who’d like to get a raise for the extra workload they have taken on at their job.

All of these situations require wisdom, delicate handling, and much prayer.

Redefine Your Self Worth {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

In this week's featured post for the Grace and Truth link-up, Sheila, who writes at Candidly Christian, shares a powerful story about shame and the lies we sometimes believe.  This post is called, Redefine Your Self Worth By Renewing Your Mind in Jesus.   It's so true. We need to renew our minds in Christ each day.  Otherwise, we can easily start to believe lies that destroy our self-worth.  I hope you'll pop over, say hello, and be blessed by Sheila's words as I was. 

Proactive Parenting {Grace and Truth Link-Up}

Sometimes I struggle with being fully present and listening well to my children.  There are so many distractions!  But I never regret it when I wait to speak and listen first.  This week's featured post for the Grace and Truth link-up is called Proactive Parenting: Cultivating the Art of Listening, by Juby, who writes at Stuff of Heaven. I hope you'll go, say hello, and be encouraged as I was.

Thank you for sharing your post with us last week at Grace and Truth, Juby.  

Why Should We Pray (if God already knows everything anyway)?

From the time they were very small, we taught our children to pray. 

We prayed at meals, at bedtime, and when a fire truck or an ambulance would go by.  

As far as our kids were concerned, prayer was as normal as eating, sleeping, and taking a bath. It was part of our lives – an essential activity in our daily routines. 

So, it shouldn’t surprise me that our children took prayer seriously. 

Do Miracles Still Happen Today?

According to 2010 report from Pew Research Center, nearly 80% of Americans believe in miracles.  I believe this is because it’s what they’ve observed- either directly or because they’ve heard about miracles from people they trust.  I know this is true for me.  I can’t deny what I’ve seen and experienced.