What I Learned- July

what I learned- July

Once again, it's time for "What I Learned", a link-up with Emily @ Chatting at the Sky, where we look back on the past month and share the little treasures we gathered along the way.  Sometimes silly, always fun.  If you want to join in, link up here

1. I'm learning an old truth, in a new language, and gaining a tighter grip on what it means to trust God with all my heart, to live small. This seems to be a lifelong lesson for me, for many of us. The metaphors of Tuesdays, cities and benches, stairwells and stages, which Emily uses in her new book, Simply Tuesday, offered a fresh perspective I needed, at just the right time.  

"Small is the position of my soul, the posture by which I approach others, God, and myself.  When I'm small, I know I can't control opinions, manipulate outcomes, or force my agenda on others.  When I'm small, I can move into the world confident as the person I most deeply am because I know I don't move in the world alone."  Emily P. Freeman- Simply Tuesday:  Small Moment Living in a Fast-Moving Word (Amazon affiliate link)

2. Squad = group of friends  My teen daughter sometimes refers to her group of friends as "squad".  This was a new use of that word for me, and I thought it was unique to my daughter and her friends- but no.  Even Patrick Steward and Ian McKellan, old as they are, knew better than me on this. This story, about the two friends, asking to join Taylor Swift's squad made me laugh.   

3. I have a new favorite movie!  It's called, Still Mine.  It's on Netflix right now, and it's the true story of an elderly couple, building a house, and true love.  Maybe it's because my husband and I are starting to feel like an old couple (19 years in August) or maybe it's because we've been buying a house and I can relate in a way to the storyline of bureaucratic headaches.  This movie totally stole my heart.  If you want something good to watch, I recommend this one. 

4. Buying a house is somewhat like being pregnant.  In the end, I'll have something I really want, but the process to get there can feel like the ultimate invasion of privacy.  I know, the professionals have to do their job and everything, but I'm a private person, and I'm longing to have my privacy back.  With pregnancy, I didn't like the doctor's appointments- at all- nothing against my doctor, I just don't like those stirrups. The amount of financial information that we have have had to provide the bank with over the past month, feels kind of like that.  It's finally over though, after signing our names a million times the house is ours.

july photo collage

All pictures from my Instagram account.  I'm there @ dawnmarieklinge  Are you?  If you are, and I'm not already following you, let me know!  It's my favorite place to be on social media.

6. I learned a whole lot about blogging!

 It was fun, too.  I'm now more excited than ever to continue on in this space.   If you are a Christian blogger, I want to let you know about this course that my friend, Arabah Joy is offering, called Christian Blogger Bootcamp. I took her pilot course during the months of June/July and I can't say enough good things about it.  The official launch of the course is happening now, and if you sign up before July 31 (this Friday), you will also get:
   ▪ The Blog Planner from My Joy Filled Life

   ▪ The "Blog at Home Mom" eBook by Christin Slade

   ▪ One month free access to the Author Audience Academy with Shelley Hitz

The course consists of six modules you can work through at your own pace.  This information is written for those who write in the faith "niche" and it provides some essential tools to maximize effectiveness, make your message more accessible and grow your blog.  Topics include: clarifying your why, finding and creating your best content, being savory in a world of instant gratification, image creation and visuals, leveraging Pinterest, and winning on Facebook.  

In the 30 day period, from when I began implementing the strategies outlined, until I completed the course, I was able to grow my blog by 143%...and it's still growing.  These were simple tweaks, that also made my workflow easier.  I also appreciated the support, available through the private Facebook group I was invited to join.  

I'd been searching for a blogging course to take for some time before I signed up for Arabah's, so I know that most blogging courses offered can be quite expensive.  This course is a good deal at $69, and if you use my promo code, DNK10, you can take 10% off that price. 

I am an affiliate for this course, and I do receive a small portion of the proceeds for each person who uses my discount code, but I would not be telling you about this if I didn't believe in it 100%.  After taking this course, I had a renewed excitement for blogging and this ministry opportunity that God has placed upon my heart.  
If you would like to sign up, click here!                          

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