4 New Books from Some Favorite Faith Bloggers

4 new books from favorite faith bloggers

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I have four new books to tell you about today!  One of the joys of writing a blog is that, sometimes, I get to read books before they're officially published.  I was busy this summer reading advance copies of several books, written by some of my favorite faith bloggers.  Finally, I get to share them with you! The fact that these books are all written by faith bloggers makes me feel proud, particularly because they're all so great!

I've been reading the words of these authors for a long while, so they feel like friends. It's exciting to see the success of these friends as they put their words into books.  So @@let me tell you what I've been reading@@....

Falling Free, by Shannan Martin is a book about looking beyond middle class Christianity. Shannan and her family let go of the "safety" of their comfortable life and followed God's calling for them to move into something new.  Those big changes might have been scary, but in the book, Shannan describes the freedom, the blessings, and the richness that came about as a result of their obedience to God.  This new life was focused on relationships and expanded opportunities to share God's love in the way that God had uniquely prepared for this beautiful family.  

This book was a pleasure to read.  I love Shannan's humor.  It also made me uncomfortable, in all the best ways.  You can find this book everywhere, including Amazon

Count to Nine, by Ruthie Gray is a practical book for moms who want to do a better job at managing their anger.  I love how Ruthie stresses that anger, in and of itself, is not wrong- that it's our reaction to anger that needs to be managed carefully.  Using scripture and actionable steps, Ruthie gently guides the reader through each chapter in this hope-filled book, always pointing toward God and how he enables us to control our anger.  

I thought this book was an excellent resource and I highly recommend it for any mom.

BONUS!  As your gift with purchase, you will receive a beautiful, downloadable journal with Scripture cards! 

To receive the journal and scripture cards, you'll need to purchase the book through Gumroad. Ruthie's book is also available on Amazon.

All the Pretty Things, by Edie Wadsworth took my breath away with the beauty and grace of it's telling.  This is Edie's story of growing up in the south, amongst poverty, with the deep ache of fatherlessness.  It's about the road she traveled to find the love of her true Father. Many people have already compared it another book I deeply love, The Glass Castle- and I agree.  

I don't normally enjoy reading digital copies, especially not when sitting at my computer. I had planned on waiting for my paperback copy to arrive before I read this book- but I opened the digital copy out of curiosity, read the first paragraph, and didn't get up until I had read the entire book.  It was that good!  

You can get this book everywhere, including Amazon.  

Overcome Failure:  Get Back on Your Feet, by Ifeoma Samuel, is a devotional book that is an encouraging look at navigating the interruptions that failure can sometimes put in our paths.  Ifeoma speaks from experience, as one who has looked to God to help her overcome her own failures.  She leads the reader through Biblical truths in a way that offers hope and practical applications.  

This is a great devotional and is available on Amazon

I was given advance copies of these books but all opinions expressed are my own. 

To visit the blogs of these authors:

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Edie Wadsworth- Life in Grace

Ruthie Gray- Rear Release Regroup


And just because I love you...a giveaway!

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What have you been reading lately?  I'd love to hear in the comments!