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God's Unfailing Faithfulness: the move from Wenatchee to Seattle

God’s unfailing faithfulness is the reason I know that I can trust God.  He has proven himself countless times through the stories of my life.  Maybe it’s because I’m a person who has some control issues, and moving to a new town makes me feel out of control, but when I think about my own stories of God’s faithfulness, the moving stories stand out as times of intense growth and a deepening confidence in the loving God that I serve.   It’s when I feel the most out of control that I seem to learn this best: God is in control and he is worthy of trust.

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5 Ways God shows his Unfailing Faithfulness

God is unfailing in his faithfulness.  He shows that in so many beautiful ways.  I’ve shared several personal stories about how he has shown himself in my life.  He is a personal God, who makes himself known to anyone who asks, but he also shows his faithfulness in big picture ways.  His faithfulness extends to all of his creation, and that’s what I want to focus on now.  This is not a comprehensive list- but here are five ways that God shows his faithfulness.

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