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How Grace Brings Purpose to Our Mistakes

There’s a story in the gospels (see John 4) about a woman who met Jesus at a well.  She was at this well during the hot part of the day so she could draw water at a time when the others wouldn’t be there. She wanted to avoid them because she lived with shame.

She was a woman who had five failed marriages.  The man she lived with was not her husband.   She was a mess. Jesus knew all of this and he had a purpose behind what happened next.

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Knowing God: The Truth About the Gospel

It’s easy in these modern times to know a lot about a person without actually knowing them.  Scrolling through my Facebook feed the other day, this truth stood out starkly.  I noted the many people I had only a surface level acquaintance with.  Often, I knew where they went on their last vacation, what sports their kids played, where they worked, etc.- but that’s not the same the thing as really knowing them.

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