Pointing our Daughters to the One Who Will Never Fail

Pointing Our Daughters to the One who Will Never Fail

“I will never give up on you.  I will always love you.” I said it when she was thirteen.  I meant it.   I knew I wasn’t her favorite person.  I didn’t expect much in response, maybe an eye roll or a deep sigh of annoyance.  Instead, her expression softened and her whole body seemed to relax.  Exhale.  “Okay”.  One small word, she said, with hope.

Surprised, I tucked that sacred moment in my heart, asking God for the grace to help me keep that promise.  In the midst of a stormy relationship, where I’ve often been at a loss for the right thing to say, God gave me those words, something I would have given anything to hear from my own mom when I was her age, 

As a teen, I scared myself.  I knew I was hard to love.  One of my deepest fears was having my mom give up on me.  She never has.

Those were hard years.   I didn’t want to repeat them.  When I held my baby girl, I dreamt of us being different.  We would be like the Gilmore Girls, best friends.  We’re not there at the moment.  In spite of the best intentions, we haven’t been exempt from some relational trials.....read more.

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