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How to Teach Our Children to Trust God

As a mom of older kids, I often feel like my job is most accurately defined as taxi driver.  We spend a lot of time in the car.  When I start to complain about it, I remind myself that some of the best conversations happen in the car.  I want to know what my kids are thinking and how they’re doing.  I want to know what’s on their hearts.  They’re so independent now, but at least they still depend on me for rides (most of the time).  I try to remember to appreciate this part of our life, knowing that it won’t always be this way.

With tweens and teens, anything beyond surface conversations will only happen on their own terms.  If I want to know the good stuff, I have to be available to listen when they feel like talking.  And with my kids, that’s usually in the car.  One such conversation happened earlier this week. 

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How to keep your child's heart with all vigilance

Children need to see the world as a good and safe place.  This statement has always been a cornerstone of my parenting philosophy. Since my husband and I brought home our first baby, over sixteen years ago, this belief has shaped our actions and has acted as a filter.  Mistakes aplenty have been made, but this is something I believe we got right.   

Sadly, the world isn’t always a good and safe place.  I know that, and so do my kids, but their exposure to the news and to adult problems was delayed and gradual.  Thankfully, as kids mature, and a parent’s ability to control information declines, kid’s coping mechanisms also increase- particularly with loving guidance and Biblical teaching in the ways of God. 

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A Victorian Themed Summer Reading List for Young Ladies

Here is a list of summer reading designed for a young lady, centered around the theme of the Victorian and Edwardian time periods.  When I homeschooled my daughter in seventh grade, these were the favorites from her booklist.  Together, we enjoyed delving deeply into themes together- and for a while, we were immersed all things Victorian.  I have great memories of that year, so I'm sharing this list in the hopes that some more young ladies (and their moms) might enjoy these books over the summer.

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Love Notes & Camp Care Packages (with free printable)

My daughter recently joined her high school dance team, so she wanted to try my old dance team uniform on for fun. I dug out a large Rubbermaid container, where I had stored the mementos of my school days and found it for her.  The uniform fit perfectly.  It was like I had stepped into a time machine and was looking at myself, twenty some years ago.  Surreal.

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Are we Overvalued by God?

Parents who overvalue their children are more likely to raise narcissists.  That’s the finding of a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science.  I don’t think any parent, myself included, wants to raise a narcissist.  The headline got my attention.    

No, I thought, that’s not right.  I’m pretty sure that I’m overvalued by my heavenly Father- and he’s knows what he’s doing.

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