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The Miracle of Jesus's Incarnation and What it Means for Us
“The incarnation brings unceasing hope and an end to our exile, wandering, and despair.  There is great comfort for our souls in the truth that he is just like us.  Here’s why:  the incarnation tells us that even though we sin, we are not alone; even though we’re weak and finite, he knows what weakness and mortality are because he was weak and mortal just like us; and even though we continually fail, he has committed himself to be part of a race of failures- and he has done so forever.”  
-Elyse Fitzpatrick, Found in Him

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Incarnation means God became a man.  Jesus is both fully God, and fully human.  It’s a concept full of mystery.  What does it mean for us?  

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Dear Loved One, (how Jesus endured his pain)

Dear Loved One,

It breaks my heart to see you suffering.  I want to offer you comfort and I feel helpless.  I’ve tried to make you happy.  I can tell you that I love you and offer you kind words.  I can buy you flowers and trinkets.  I can send you funny pictures that I think will make you laugh.  I can take you out for a cup of coffee and listen if you want to talk.  These are all good things, and I’m happy to do them.  I won’t stop.  But I’m learning something.  I might be able to bring a smile to your day and offer you a momentary amount of happiness, but I can’t take away your pain. 

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Trusting God When It Really Hurts

Today, I've got all kinds of pressing matters upon me, things like pulling the dryer out from the wall, to sweep behind and scrubbing the bricks around the fireplace. Rearrange the pictures on the walls?  Yes. Suddenly the arrangement they’ve been in really bothers me.  But sit down and write?   I want to.  I really do, but these words are not easy.  Today’s topic is about trusting God when it really hurts.  I tend to shy away from pain, both my own and other people’s. Jesus didn't shy away from pain though, so tough as it is, by His grace, neither will I. 

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Your Sovereign Hand Will Be My Guide

’ve written a lot up to this point on why God is trustworthy and how it helps us live a life of joy and peace when we put our trust in him, but today, I want to write about how trusting God is an act of worship that we can give to him.  It’s hard to understand how much it means to God, for us to say, your sovereign hand will be my guide, until we understand how much he really loves us.  Pause for a moment and think about this…. God loves you so much, that even if you were the only one on earth who needed saving, who needed his Son to die for your sin; he still would have made that sacrifice for you alone. 

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What is God's Purpose for Us?

We can trust God because of who he is.  We know that he is sovereign, so he’s completely in control and able to carry out his plans.  We know that he is infinite in wisdom, so he knows the best way to accomplish those plans.  And we know that he is perfect in love- and the gospel is a primary way we see this, through his Son Jesus Christ, and his plan for our redemption. So what is his special purpose for us beyond that?  What’s the reason for all of this?  What does God want from us?

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When I refer to the names Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I’m talking about a God, who eternally exists in three distinct persons.  They are each fully and equally God, in eternal community with each other.  I say they are persons, but I’m not saying they are human beings.  I only mean that they are not impersonal forces.  Each member of the Trinity thinks, acts, feels, speaks, and relates.  They all share the attributes of being eternal, of being all knowing, all-powerful, and present everywhere. 

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