What I Learned About Making a Fearless Impact

Fearless impact.

It’s what happens when your belief in Jesus becomes a life lived for Jesus. This is what happens when the head knowledge about Scripture becomes fuel for your heart. And this is what happens when you boldly say, “Enough is enough. I want to live for Christ.”

You become a person of fearless impact for the gospel.
— Alison Tiemeyer, Fearless Impact
Fearless Impact

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I can’t say that I’m fearless (yet) but I do, more than anything, want to make an impact for the gospel.  So I was intrigued by the title, Fearless Impact,  a new course taught by my friend Alison.  I want my life to be lived for Jesus- and I know that fear is an issue that can hold me back when I’m not fully trusting in Jesus.  That’s why I write about trust so often.  @@I know that trust in Jesus is the antidote to fear.@@   I don’t want this to only be head knowledge.  I need to hear it over and over again.  I need the Holy Spirit to help me take that knowledge from my head to my heart.  He is helping me.  I’m growing- and as long as I’m in my earthly body- I want to continue growing in my relationship with Christ.

Alison understands this, too.  Her 7-day online course, Fearless Impact, is a beautifully written, clear, step-by-step teaching that lays out the Biblical truths of living fearlessly in order to make an impact for the gospel.  It comes with 14 worksheets that invite deeper thinking, journaling, and goal setting. 

Fearless Impact

The seven lessons are about the what, why, how, Godly examples, planning, combatting lies, and prayers for making a Fearless Impact.  I appreciate the sensitivity and wisdom that Alison offers for those of us who struggle with fear, anxiety and perfectionism.  She’s like a sister who “gets it”.  She uses her own experiences and Biblical truths to guide people towards a deeper understanding of how to set fear aside and live, all-in, for Christ. 

This course is saturated with scripture.  I love that the course never expires and can be used as a reference.  I was using it as a reference just last week.

There was a recent threat within our school district that caused several schools (but not my kid's schools) to be closed for a day. I was feeling fearful about my kid’s safety.  I prayed and I read this verse over and over that day…

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

I was able to remind my daughter (and myself) of where to turn when fears come in.  That verse from 2 Timothy came to my mind quickly because I had just read it as I was going through Alison’s course.  God's Word is powerful.  

Fearless Impact

Whether you are just starting out in your journey of faith or you have been walking with Jesus for a long while, Fearless Impact contains solid Biblical truths about overcoming fear and making an impact for the gospel.   I would encourage you to check it out.  You can click here to find out the details of Alison’s course, Fearless Impact, here.  

*I was given a given a copy of the course to review, but all opinions are my own.