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God's Powerful Grace and How it Benefits All People

The mortgage was due on 1st.  It was the 3rd- and there sat the envelope on the front table, waiting to go in the mail.  My heart sank.  As a rule-following kind of girl, it really bothers me when I mess up like this.  I expected a late payment would be incurred and that there would be a ding on my credit rating.  I was upset with myself for forgetting to get the check in the mail before I left on vacation. 

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5 Ways to Seek Truth

We had been trying to teach our four-year-old the importance of telling the truth.

Jokingly, Derek told Trent that his nose would grow long, like Pinocchio's, if he told lies.

If only we had known then, what problems this would cause. Poor Trent. He really believed Derek- and no matter what else we said, he was still scared of his nose growing long. He also started checking out everyone else's noses. It wasn’t a healthy fear.

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The Importance of Grace in Parenting

I could hear my seven-year-old happily singing from the bathroom as I loaded the dishwasher.  It was almost time to leave for school.  His big sister pointed out that he’d been in there a long time, and that he was probably getting into stuff.  It was the same suspicion I had.  His bathroom shenanigans were usually no more harmful than the occasional overzealous application of his Daddy’s cologne- and sometimes, he used way too much toilet paper, causing the toilet to overflow.  I’m an expert with the toilet plunger.  I have a lot of practice.

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How We Can Approach God with Confidence

The day I got married, I met a charming elderly man in the parking lot at the church. His name was Joe Bananas.  He stood by his black Cadillac, wearing a black suit, patiently waiting to take my husband’s grandparents home after the reception.  He greeted me with an Italian accent and kisses on both cheeks. 

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Sacred Stones

“Men did not love Rome because she was great.  She was great because they had loved her. “ 

-G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy


The statement above, in its context, is part of a chapter in the book, Orthodoxy, called “The Flag of the World”. Chesterton talks about going back to the darkest roots of civilization and how the cities that have grown great are all knotted around some sacred stone.  First, honor is paid to a spot and later it gains glory. The chapter, as a whole, is setting up the case for Christianity and the doctrine of the fall.

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