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A Review of Emily P. Freeman's, Simply Tuesday

“True smallness is an invitation to live as I was meant to live, to accept my humanity, and to offer my ability and my inability, my sin and my success, my messes and my masterpieces into the hands of God.”- Emily P. Freeman, Simply Tuesday

Simply Tuesday, is a book that invites the reader to embrace the ordinary, to exhale, and to recognize that the kingdom work of God is accomplished in the small moments of everyday life.

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Review- Every Wife's Choice: loving beyond the mood of the moment

Every Wife’s Choice:  Loving Beyond the Mood of the Moment, by Sarah Fairchild is a book for imperfect wives who want to have good marriages.  Sarah addresses the question of what to do when our best efforts aren’t good enough, by using a familiar passage from the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 as an outline for this refreshingly honest look at love and marriage.  .

Sarah’s approach to this well known scripture passage goes beyond the clichés and gets deep, using Greek word study to better understand what God has to say about loving our spouses well. 

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Her Smile: parenting through the hard stuff

That first real smile from a baby is one of those precious gifts that elicit feelings of pure joy upon the lucky receiver.  It’s often followed by the craziest of antics of the silliest sort of baby talk, regardless of how dignified said receiver is under normal circumstances, all in order to get another smile from the baby.  And the first laugh?  That can send many loving caregivers over the moon with happiness!  Of course, a baby’s smile or laugh is adorable, and all but the grumpiest of people can’t help but smile back when they gaze upon a happy baby. 

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